For young Hamlet, revenge for the enemy can be a difficult job, especially when his environment and situation demands him to reevaluate his life and soul morals. Revenge on Hamlet’s father’s death was caused by three main reasons. The strict and almost impossible guidelines set by the ghost of his father, King Hamlet, were afraid of death and injured other people. He did not state the reason of the murder and did not see himself.

How many reasons do not cause delays or behaviors at any stage in Shake Spear’s plays? – Depending on Hamlet’s behavior delay, the drama can be divided into several stages. The first step was only that Hamlet knew that his father died and that his mother surprisedly remarried with his uncle Claudius. Hamlet knew that he just came back from his research and that what is in the state of Denmark is “spinning like Marcelus”, the side figure said. I do not know if there is any problem. It is unreliable to say that the delay in this stage of the drama is because there is nothing that Hamlet or other characters can postpone.

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Why did Hamlet postpone retaliation? There are many reasons for Hamlet to seek a significant delay in retaliation. Because Hamlet’s character is meditation and melancholy, many people think that Hamlet does not take action immediately; omission In view of these features, Hamlet needs evidence and assurance that Claudius killed the really old Hamlet. Another argument that unconsciously Hamlet might not want to kill Claudius for the Oedipus complex. Still another person thought of a more practical explanation. Hamlet wants that the death of Claudius is more painful and ruthless than Old Hamlet. Shake Spear deliberately postponed Hamlet’s revenge, he could satisfy the Elizabethan audience and classified “Hamlet” as “tragedy”, so there is a possibility that Hamlet’s revenge was postponed. Like all tragic heroes, Hamlet must be mistaken to classify him as a “tragic hero”. I may retaliate against me in the sixth act of the first act … Read More

Hamlet is one of William Shakespeare’s famous plays. It is being read by most people in the world. On the other hand, it is considered to be one of the complex plays of Shakespeare. This is due to retaliation delay due to rebellious action by Prince Hamlet. Both of these points are controversial among critics. This universe is the mystery of God, Hamlet ‘s revenge is the mystery of Shakespeare. It is difficult to find the real reason for Hamlet’s delayed behavior and the reason for his absurd tendency. Hemingway said here: “Hamlet is a mystery, Brutus is a mystery, Shakespeare has rewrote the tragedy of Brutus called Hamlet’s tragedy.”